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UK / US Prices and warranty

220/240 volt Wondermills are available worldwide. However, only Wondermills supplied to European customers from Wondermill UK are tax and duty paid within the E.U. There are no further charges for customers in E.U. member states purchasing direct from Wondermill UK and their authorised dealers. Customers importing direct from the U.S.A. will incur international shipping costs plus approximately £50 GB Pounds or €60 Euro import duty and V.A.T. In addition, a variable customs clearance charge will be added by your parcel delivery service. There is no purchase price saving on 'grey' imports.

Wondermill warranty service must be performed in the region it was purchased. Warranty and service terms are region specific. Wondermills are extremely reliable and are designed to give years of trouble free service. However, in the rare event that your mill requires service, please note: A mill purchased from a U.S. dealer must be returned to the USA for Warranty service - a factor to consider in making your purchase decision.

Wherever you purchase your Wondermill products, we know you will be happy with the performance and durability of these World class Grain mills. We hope this information helps you to make the best purchasing decision for your needs.